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Solar Lantern:

It is a portable source of light for various applications. It consists of solar photo voltaic module, maintenance-free sealed battery, electronics and LED/CFL. It can provide light for 4-5 hours every day. We can supply solar lanterns of various shapes and lighting capacities. Mobile handset charging facility can also be provided in the lantern.

Home Lighting System:

As the name suggests, the Solar Home Lighting System provides light in households. It is designed to operate for a desirable duration of hours per day as per needs of the customer. Solar home lighting system mainly consists of a photo voltaic module mounted on a structure, battery, charge controller and CFL/LED luminaries.

Water Heating System:

This system consists of collector plate, hot water tank and piping work. The collector plate absorbs the solar heat and heats water which circulates through the thin pipes placed inside the collector. Hot water temperature may go up to 65-70 degree C depending on customer requirement and solar insulation. The hot water collects in the hot water tank. Cold water line is connected to the bottom or lower side of the hot water tank and the same passes through the collector, thereby absorbing the heat. If a customer desires to have hot water in rainy season also, an electric heater may be incorporated in the hot water tank. It is very attractive to households as the payback period is 4-5 years only. Life expectancy is around 15 yrs.

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