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Domestic Back-up Power System:

Mainly consists of solar PV panel, inverter with charge controller and battery. In the event of load shedding, the power pack supplies the electricity to existing household load at any time. Provision is kept for battery charging in addition to solar charging which is useful where frequent load shedding takes place.

Street Lighting System:

Solar Street Lights are very useful for different types of roads, buildings, housing complexes, commercial complexes and construction sites. It consists of LED/CFL luminaries, a PV panel, battery, electronics and galvanized MS pole. The luminary operates on dusk to dawn mode, with optional dimming facilities. Depending on the light output requirement, different capacities are designed and supplied. Nowadays solar street lights are in use in many places instead of sodium vapour lamps for saving electricity consumption. Solar street lights are available in both DC and AC form.

Solar Pump:

Solar pumps are very useful and cost effective, especially for irrigation purposes. Taking electric line in the cultivation field areas which generally are few km away from grid becomes very costly. For this reason, govt. of India / state govt. are providing financial incentives for implementing these pumps. Solar water pumps nowadays are pumping water with more than 100m head. Two types are available – submersible and surface mounted type. Solar pump mainly consists of solar PV array, manual tracking structure, solar pumps and electronic console. Solar pumps up to 7 HP are in use presently.

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