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Solar Refrigerator:

This product is extremely useful in small clinics, health centres or hospitals in remote areas, villages and towns where grid electricity is not available or not reliable or where load-shedding is frequent. Solar Refrigerator plays the critical role in preserving blood and medicines like polio vaccine, anti-venom injection and other life saving drugs at required low temperature. This refrigerator is certified by appropriate health authorities. Apart from health centres, it is also useful in shops and market places for storing perishable goods like fish/meat/vegetables in good condition.

On-grid Power Plant:

Now-a-days on-grid SPV power plant has become very popular in urban areas. Government of India is also encouraging installation of the same by giving different kinds of incentives. On-grid roof-top SPV power plants are playing an important role by supplying the excess electrical power generated from the solar power plant to the mains supply grid through import-export meter. In some States, special incentive is given for supplying similar power to the grid. This excess amount of power is credited to the owner’s account. Large plants of mega-watts capacity are installed in separate barren land for supplying the entire electricity generated to the grid. A separate agreement for purchase of power is made with the power distribution company.

Off-grid Power Plant:

Off-grid SPV power plant plays an important role in rural areas where reliable grid supply is a distant possibility. Power generated by this power plant is mostly stored in the battery bank for use in evening, night or whenever required. This kind of power plant supplies electricity to the households in villages, market places, hospitals, health centres, construction sites, etc.

Solar Power Plant for Telecom:

Due to unreliable mains power supply and high cost of running DG sets, Solar Power Plants are becoming more popular among telecom operators for running their cell sites. While the price of DG sets and their operational cost have been increasing, the same for solar plants are coming down day by day. At the same time, it assures security of power.

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