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  • Custom built portable solar solution

    We design portable SPV systems to meet any special requirements like mountain trekking, paramilitary use, etc. where DC power is required to operate laptops, cameras, personal lamps, communication devices, etc.

  • Micro grid solar solution for small villages

    Micro-SPV power supply and distribution system is designed to provide power to small villages or a cluster of dwellings. Provision is made for metering each house so that nobody can draw more than pre-determined units daily/monthly. This system fulfils the bare minimum requirement of electricity for lighting, charging mobiles and operating a radio or TV set in such areas.

  • Turnkey projects

    We also undertake site survey, feasibility studies, preparation of detailed project report, cost benefit analysis, presentation to management, design, engineering, supply, construction and commissioning of solar power plant of any capacity.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract

    Maintenance service is one of the important aspects in our business portfolio. We give utmost importance to this so that customers can enjoy uninterrupted service and benefits of the system.

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